Happy Retirement John! We will miss you!

Happy Retirement John!

John has been with us since the beginning when there was a sofa and a phone! He was an extremely valued member of our team at BAYtek and he will be greatly missed, thank you for all the amazing work you’ve done here. We hope you have a lovely relaxed retirement, and we hope to see you soon.

BAYtek Prizes & Vouchers

If you are the Lucky Recipient of a BAYtek voucher, you must please book this through our office.

Whether you have won the voucher for;

  • A 4 ball on the Championship Golf Course at Woodbury Park
  • A Leisure day for 4 people at Woodbury Park
  • 2 Tickets to a Plymouth Argyle Home Match
  • 2 Tickets to a Torquay United Home Match

Please call 01626 833139 to arrange this and to confirm your booking. Congratulations on being the recipient of this prize!

Introducing the Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C5500 Series

Introducing the new Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C5500i Series which delivers high performance and quality colour output for demanding office environments. These intelligent multifunctionals enhance productivity through improved document workflows and an intuitive user experience whilst keeping your data secure. Making them an essential part of any modern day working environment!

Youtube Canon 5500 Series

You can buy or lease an A3 Colour MFD for as little as £1.25 a day!

Did you know… You can buy or lease an A3 Colour MFD from BAYtek for as little as £1.25 a day!

BAYtek have a huge range of photocopiers, printers & scanners available from a number of trusted big name suppliers including Konica Minolta, Canon and Utax

We offer fantastic deals on all our devices and we can work out exactly what you need from your new device and create the best solution to suit you!

Call us on 01626 833139 for more details

We could save you money!

Why not kick off 2015 with a print audit?
Do you have lots of expensive desktop printers that could be replaced with a more economical multifuction device?
Why not call one of our sales consultants for a no obligation quote.

How photocopiers work, a rough journey.

Okay, so it’s your first day on the job. New offices, co-workers, position. In fact, you are pretty excited to get started, however you may not be as technically skilled as your co-workers. You need to photocopy a document.
You never did like copiers, printers or multifunction equipment because you could never quite work them properly, but don’t give up, there is still hope for you yet.

They say that knowing your enemy is half the battle, but the copier should not be your enemy. Just by learning what makes them tick, and what goes on when you copy something will give you a better understanding of the machine and an easier time with its operation.

So, OK, what exactly is going on when you decide to hit “start” on the photocopier?
Well, oddly enough, it has a lot to do with static electricity. It may seem nearly impossible for that to be the case but think about this. When you photocopy something, you are typically using toner. Toner is not ink, nor is it a quartet of magical imps with crayons and extremely fast hands!
It is actually a ridiculously fine coloured powder that “gets charged” with static electricity.
Inside every photocopier, there is a set of cylindrical drum units that allow the toner to gain charge, attracting the fine powder to the drums surface.
Now, obviously, not every picture is going to be completely black, cyan, yellow or magenta so there has to be a way to keeps parts of the paper white. This is where the drums ability to use a selective charge really comes in handy.
The copy or print image is “written” onto the drum by means of a laser charging selective areas of the drums surface. This selective charge happens through photo sensitivity or light for the uninitiated.
When the paper finally comes through, it is also statically charged, so the toner becomes attracted to the paper.
The toner is then “melted” onto the paper by means of a heated fuser unit, since the toner particles themselves are very sensitive to heat.

Another thing to remember; Toner is NOT ink!
Sometimes referred to as dry ink, but again, it’s not really ink at all. The toner itself is actually stuck to slightly larger beads that have a positive charge inside the toner cartridge.
Once the toner beads are spread over the drum, the particles of the toner are more attracted to the positively charged areas on the cylinder.
This causes them to stick to the drum (again with static electricity). Once the statically charged paper rolls on through, the particles jump to the paper, but since toner particles still contain charge, they could still fly off the paper.
In order to make sure the particles stay, the toner particles are made with plastic in them that becomes melted onto the paper once the toner is heated. It’s certainly not leaving the paper now.

Simply by knowing what is going on inside that photocopier can greatly help when trying to figure out what is wrong with it. Not every copier is going to have problems so do not let that fool you. Maybe you are not really looking for a full time purchase.
Maybe you are just looking to rent to get the feel of a new photocopier. If you are a small business just starting up, you will need as much info on all of the office equipment you can get, don’t be afraid to ask the question “how can I speed this process up?”
Also, remember that renting can help make things a lot easier for you. Instead of your company having to spend money on repairs, let the rental company take care of that “toner cartridge problem”, or annoying “paper jam”.

Thinking of leaping into an upgrade, read this first.

Following the announcement by Microsoft to cease releasing updates and hot fixes for windows XP, we thought it would be prudent to state our position on future support for older operating systems and continued support for new builds such as Apples OSX 10.9.
With XP now banished to the realms of the “legacy OS”, we expect a large drive in the market amongst hardware vendors and IT companies to start pushing for organisations to upgrade their networks with spangly new Windows 7 or 8 workstations. Its certainly not helpful but the thinking behind the push is “if Microsoft are ending support, so are we” besides, look at all the kit selling potential.

We don’t expect any difficulties supporting XP at this time, however there is a possibility that our hardware suppliers will bite the bullet and no longer produce XP supported drivers within their ranges of next generation equipment. Generic drivers will still work absolutely fine, however if the copier has additional hardware, finishing options for printing may be greatly reduced in functionality.

At the other end of the scale, one of our biggest areas of query is support for new operating systems, Apple OSX being the biggest culprit!
We get many support calls from clients that have upgraded to the lasted version, practically on the day of release, expecting the hardware vendors to have released updated drivers at the same time. This is highly unlikely to happen!
Its always going to be a game of catch up. The OS update is released and then the vendors get to work writing new drivers, typically there will always be a delay from weeks to months or even longer with legacy kit for updated drivers to become available.

The advice for all apple users is focus on what functionality the upgrade will reduce in the short term before looking at the gains, be prepared to wait for everyone else to catch up before rolling out the update and get in touch if your in any doubt at all.

And they’re off…..

Happy New Year Everyone!

So 2014 is upon us, bringing hopes of happiness, health and prosperity to everyone. Feeling refreshed from the merriment, BAYtek are back open for business and with our partners, ready to continue serving your local office solutions requirements.

It’s going to be an exciting year, filled with new planned improvements to client stock ordering, meter reporting and special emphasis on printing cost reduction.

To print or not to print………..that is the question.

UniFlow and PaperCutMF are currently two solutions we are able to provide to clients to help bring spiraling print budgets under control. Both provide key users the opportunity to manage devices at printer level, have print queues held on a server for later release by users, redirect jobs through less expensive devices or convert colour jobs to mono if the correct job rules are met.
Many public service accounts already use department ID’s and accounting tracking. Print management takes this one step further with the added benefit of “follow me” printing and crisp cost reporting for financial controllers. The days of copiers sat under an avalanche of waste paper are numbered, even from the employee who hit the print button 20 times because his first attempt didn’t appear in time.

Consumed by consumables

Honestly, it’s really hard work to keep on top of our clients toner orders. So many machines over such a large area and a super busy post room can sometimes result in the odd mistake occurring.
Wherever possible we would like clients to place toner orders through our website using an online request, such requests can be monitored and tracked making the whole process more manageable for both you as the client and us as your supplier.
If you are unable to request toner this way, telephone orders can still be taken but please make sure you ask for an order reference from the person that takes your order, so we can trace back if a problem occurs.

Well, here’s to an excellent forthcoming year for us all with best wishes from the team at BAYtek – your truly independent local supplier.

The BAYtek Annual Golf Day 2013


For the second year, Woodbury Park Golf Club set the venue for the BAYtek 2013 annual golf day, having hosted a superb day the previous year.

We were glad to welcome amongst the mix of attendees, a few players from last years event, together with some friendly new faces, all coming together to forge another memorable day of golfing.

Attendees arrived through the East Devon mizzle to coffee and a bacon bap before heading out onto a misty course to compete for the array of prestigious trophies on offer.
Then, later the sun came out.
With all teams out and the weather taking a turn for the better, a great day of golf ensued.

The teams started to drift in via the bar around 5pm and sat down to a welcome meal of chicken pie, roast potatoes and mixed vegetables before Simon Greenland, our Sales Director took to the floor to award the days prizes.
Results as follows.

BAYtek Golf Day 2013 Results

1st Team Prize (109 Points)
Shaun Lee, Neil Bishop – Smarter Accounting
Colin Hayes, Mark Lloyd – Konica Minolta

Yellow Ball Winners
Emlyn Harris, Chris Lewis – Carling Technologies
Jeff Kerswill, Alan Dawson – Taylor Lewis

1st Individual Score
Shaun Lee – Smarter Accounting

2nd Individual Score
Chris Lewis – Carling Technologies

Nearest the Pin (5th)
Adrian Squires – Hi Line

Longest Drive (14th)
Chris Gaite – West Country Land Surveys

Nearest the Rope (16th)
John Gallagher – Royal Severn Stars

Nearest the Pin (18th)
Mark LLoyd – Konica Minolta

Many thanks to all those who contributed to very enjoyable day, Simon, Lee and the team look forward to welcoming you back in 2014 at the next event.