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Print Audit Services

Get a free print audit with BAYtek

How much is your company spending on printing? It only takes 10 minutes for BAYtek to complete a FREE no obligation print audit for your business. It could show you a huge saving by maximizing printer efficiency, reducing wastage and reducing your cost per copy too!

Contact your BAYtek Sales Executive to arrange your free print audit today on 01626 833139.

Print audits are invaluable, they can tell you just how your printing costs are spread, how much your company prints, which machines are most popular, when and who is responsible for your printing. In fact a free print audit from BAYtek will provide your company with a comprehensive breakdown of your company printing allowing you to maximise efficiency. BAYtek’s print audits are completely free, so let us help you to save on your printing costs.

By compiling an extensive report based on machine meter readings & consumables, BAYtek can provide your company with an extensive report into your companies printing statistics including:

Print volumes for each device

Print volumes for Black & White and Colour devices

Which devices are being used the most in your company

How much your company is spending on toner and ink supplies?

Who in your company is printing the most documents?

How will a free BAYtek print audit help your company?

High Volume device locations – Locate the most efficient devices in locations where they can be best utilised within your printing network

Ink and toner monitoring – By finding out your most costly printers according to ink and toner costs, you can consider which machines are most cost efficient.

Colour Printing – By identifying the jobs passed to each printing device you can minimise the amount of unnecessary colour printing in your company

Carbon Footprint and Wastage – A print audit will inform you which printers are most environmentally friendly allowing you to make your company greener

Print device lifetime costs – Find out total maintenance, installation and other hardware costs for each device you have

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